Think like a publisher: 5 ways to improve your content marketing

Marketers and publishers live for the same thing: attention. But that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Marketers focus on selling, whereas publishers are all about growing their audience. Creating high quality and relevant content has always been the top priority of publishers. They work hard to understand their audience, become a trusted voice, and deliver stories that people actually care about. Sounds like marketing goals for your brand? Here’s how you can adopt a publisher mindset:

Take the long view

Content marketing is a slow game that demands commitment. Why? Because it takes time to build trust. How often do you make an immediate purchase from a brand you’ve never heard of? Probably not very often. And besides, a new webpage (which increases your real estate on the web) can take months to get indexed by Google – depending on how old is your site domain, site authority, etc.

Have patience. When done right, every piece of article, post, and page you put out will continue to generate traffic way past its publication date. Like savings in a bank account, your content marketing efforts will yield compounding returns.

Quantity and quality matters

Thanks to compound interest, you’ll see better results with more content. But more doesn’t always mean more; thoughtless, haphazard content just adds to the noise out there. Great stories, videos, or posts – whether they are timeless or trend-focused – are useful, entertaining, relevant and deserving of attention. They will also help with your site’s SEO: high-quality articles rank better on search.

Keep to a schedule

Even if you start slow, having an editorial calendar – and sticking to it – will help you stay on top of the content marketing game. A schedule keeps your content ideas organised, ensure continuity and allows you to plan and work ahead, so you don’t have to scramble to send out something at the last minute.

Make your content work harder

You’ve worked hard to create a stellar piece of content, so don’t just hit publish and call it a day. Share your content on your social media channels – you followers may share your posts, increasing their viewership. Also think: can you also repurpose or serialise your content? Will the story work as a podcast? Can you turn your video to a series of 15-second clips?

Understand your audience

Great content will give you an audience, but are these people right for your brand? Knowing what makes your target audience tick will help you better connect with their needs and wants through your content. Invest some time defining your target audience, even going down to creating the ideal client persona with his/her name, age, job, hobbies, likes and dislikes outlined. Study your analytics to learn more about your audience and what they care about. Pageviews and unique visitors are key metrics when identifying growth, but also find out how long is your audience staying on your page, if they are looking at other pieces of content on your site, what devices are they on, where do they come from. These numbers can help you improve your site and refine your content strategy to ensure your work shines.

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Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash