How to ace content marketing: 5 things you need to know

We recently shared with you why we think content marketing is so important, but coming from a  creative content agency you’re probably thinking “well of course you’re going to say that”. It’s how we pay our bills so yup, we don’t blame you! Yet it’s only because we believe that as a marketing discipline content creation is essential that we continue to do what we do. Whether you’re new to the content marketing game, or have been investing in it for a while, here’re a few hints, tips, and titbits to think about when it comes to your content marketing strategy.

Who cares?

Before you create anything it’s important to think carefully about who this content is for. Finding that sweet spot between what your brand wants to say, and what the consumer wants to hear is where it’s at. But it can be tough when there are multiple internal stakeholders involved. There is zero point in publishing a dry piece of jargon laden babble just to keep your CEO happy. Unless of course your strategy is to send all content into cyberspace never to be eyeballed again. If that’s the case, please continue – you’ll do a great job.

Add value

People engage with content when it is useful, relevant and easy to find. If you’re providing content containing information so useful it makes you feel a little uncomfortable sharing (like us telling you how to create great content and potentially negating our services, for example!) then you’re on the right tracks.

Go local

What you’re creating needs to resonate, and if people don’t connect then you’ve missed the point. Cultural in-jokes, local reference points, and humorous colloquialisms will help localise your content making it far more engaging for your audience.

Make it easy to find

You’ve spent hours crafting a beautiful blog post, uploaded it to your site, and then…nothing. It’s all well and good creating content, but if people can’t find it then what’s the point? Focusing on the strategy behind how you share it is as important as creating the content in the first place. Familiarise yourself with SEO basics (or get someone in the know to help you), share your content on relevant social platforms, and forward it via eDM to potential clients and partners who you know will find it useful. If the content is useful your audience will see it, like it, and share it.

Business objectives

Before you even start writing, think about what the key metrics are by which you are going to measure your success. Whether it’s growing your social audience or increasing sales, it’s crucial to identify these up front and tie everything back to these key metrics.

Failing all of that if you think you still need extra help, you know where we are!