7 brands killing it on Instagram and why we love them

Image sharing behemoth, Instagram, seems to be on an unstoppable trajectory. Since its acquisition by Facebook in 2012, it’s grown from 30 million active monthly users to over 700 million. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before it too breaks the billion user mark. And when it does, it will be the fourth of Facebook’s platforms to do so (WhatsApp, Messenger, and of course Facebook itself have already hit and exceeded the milestone).

No surprises then, that brands are tripping over themselves in a bid to get to the front of the scrum and  tap into this highly active and engaged audience. But in a world of billions of images, how to make yours stand out from the crowd and build a loyal following is easier said than done. So when imagery, perfect captions, hashtags, and strategy all come together, it’s a beautiful thing. Here’re some of our favourite brands that we love to follow, and why we reckon they are killing it. Time to sit up and take note…

Netflix Singapore

A perfect example of a global brand localising content and smashing it. Netflix SG brilliantly combines witty captions and local references in a feed that is littered with creative, on point teasers to upcoming original shows. And it’s clearly working on the marketing front: Netflix Asia recently passed the 100 million member mark.


When husband and wife duo, Johnny and Joanna, set out on their small business adventure, we bet they had no idea that 187,000 followers later their letter boards would be taking the insta-world by storm. Why does it work? Humourous captions spelt out on letter boards are enough to brighten even the dreariest of mornings: it’s witty, it’s inspirational, it’s relatable, and above all… it’s shareable.


What better way to showcase the ‘world’s most versatile camera’, than by sharing images and videos to prove that point. The clever part? All images and videos featured on the GoPro feed are user generated: genius.


Master of asking questions to engage their followers, clever hashtags, and tapping into relevant trends with humorous posts (the pineapple apple pen post is total #LOLZ). This is a brand who doesn’t take itself too seriously (on IG, at least) and it works a treat.

Frank Body

If you haven’t seen an influencer covered in Frank Body’s coffee scrub pop up on your feed, then you must be living under a rock. The social team master the art of engaging with relevant personalities to boost their brand.


Drool-worthy burger snaps aside, Shake Shack are masters of the ‘gram, using the platform to reveal new menu additions and post a tonne of user-generated content. But our favourite part of its strategy is regularly using competitions to boost engagement. A recent #shack10 comp encouraged customers to submit their top 10 Spotify playlists in a bid to have them played throughout Shake Shack branches nationwide.


For a lesson in how to turn an Instagram feed into a multi-million brand, look no further than Joe ‘The Body Coach’ Wicks. His speedy recipes, funny catchphrases (“midget trees!”), snappy hashtags (#leanin15) and quick HIIT vids have resulted in a global empire, and nearly 2 million Instagram followers.